Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Food Group Co., Ltd.

In December 2017, as approved by the Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Grain Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing Er Shang Group Co., Ltd. were merged to establish the new Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Food Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CAG). In December 2018, following the approval by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, CAG was reorganized as a state-owned capital investment enterprise. In January 2019, CAG took over the management of Beijing Vegetable Supply Group Co., Ltd.

After the merge, CAG becomes an integrated food producer, supplier, and service provider. With over CNY 100 billion worth of assets and over CNY 100 billion annual revenues, CAG employs nearly 60,000 people and  owns over 500 subsidiaries, including more than 30 Sino–foreign joint ventures, over 10 overseas subsidiaries, 2 listed companies. Seven of them are recognized as State Key  Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization. CAG ranks among the top 500 Chinese corporations. It plays the roles of the main channel, carrier, and force in food supply guarantee in the capital and also shoulders the important responsibilities of being “a major carrier of food supply guarantee, a model of food security industry, and a core body of food industry development in Beijing.”

At present, CAG has built a whole industrial chain including breeding, planting, raising, product processing, trade circulation, terminal sales, and so on, which covers dairy industry, grain, oils, meat, aquatic products, sugar, liquors, non-staple food, and condiments. It has cultivated a series of Chinese time-honored brands and well-known brands favored by consumers. “Sunlon,” “SANYUAN,” and “GUCHUAN” rank 94th, 232nd, and 339th respectively,in the World Brand Lab’s “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” list in 2019, with brand values of CNY 53.262 billion, CNY 25.139 billion, and CNY 14.797 billion, respectively.

CAG owns 3 state-level engineering technology research centers, 4 municipal-level engineering technology research centers, 3 ministry-level processing technology research and development centers, 2 municipal-level key laboratories, 3 academician and expert workstations, 4 postdoctoral research workstations, and 19 state high-tech enterprises, and holds a total of more than 600 patents.

Recognized as the “vegetable basket, rice bag, milk bottle, meat chopping board” by citizens in the capital, CAG is on a mission to “Bring Peace to the World with Food and Benefit All People” and focuses on ensuring the food security of the capital and safeguarding the city’s food provision. CAG actively performs its political, economic, and social responsibilities to speed up the construction of the open industrial ecosystem characterized by “one body with two wings and three platforms” at its core, and accelerate its industrial deployment layout, that is “based on Beijing, supported by the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei area, aiming at both nationwide and international markets.” With the development direction of marketization, specialization, capitalization, digitalization, and internationalization, we will build CAG into a modern food group marked by international competitiveness and the capability of contributing to a healthy and better life for its clients.